About Us:

Midas Xplore is a leading organization in Africa poised with the objectives of assisting entrepreneurs explore the vast opportunities in Africa working with experts from around the world. We raise producers, exporters and manufacturers in Nigeria and Africa through the Midas Afric Producers’ Hub who will be pivotal in moving Nigeria and Africa economy from being import dependent to becoming production and export dependent with products that will compete global in excellence, quality and durability.

Through our numerous business tours, excursions, business hangouts, coaching, skill acquisition and financial capacity building programs, Midas Xplore wishes to raise brand of entrepreneurs that will take Africa businesses and Economy to the next level.


Our core objectives are:

  • To build entrepreneurial capacity with respect to building global brand and products.
  • Be pivotal in transiting Nigeria Economy from being a consuming nation to becoming a producing nation.
  • Strengthen local and foreign business partnership and collaboration.
  • Create an enabling business environment for our partners and clients as we collaborate with the government, foreign bodies and partners.
  • Have the best industrial estate to warehouse partners of Midas Xplore with respect to Midas Afrix Hub members.
  • Run the best and biggest work space business in Africa that will encourage growth, productive and great health.
  • Create adventure and fun while producing great business results
  • Encourage healthy lifestyle through provision of fitness kits, wears and education
  • Raise multi- millionaire Partners and stakeholders .
  • Steady growth and innovation


Our mission

Our mission is to become the fastest growing, most impactful and empowering organization in Africa that will raise the most successful manufacturers, producers and exporters in Africa as we train, coach, empower and work with them.



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Core Values – Excellent Delivery, Fair Play, Honesty & Customer Satisfaction