Who We Are

Midas Xplore Limited is a leading Agricultural hub in Africa involved in Crop Production, Animal Husbandry, Export, Agricultural Produce Marketing, Sales and Distribution. Our focus is mainly on the Production of healthy organic agricultural produce that helps clients and Trybe members maintain great body shape, beat Obesity, Diabetes, High Blood Sugar, High blood Pressure and others Ailment which stems from high carbohydrate intake and unhealthy unsaturated fats. We also help clients relax and have fun through our monthly members’ hangout activities and we run an affiliate  and distributorship programs that is geared to empowers millions globally, our affiliate system pays as much as 20% per direct affiliate, there is cash back system, bonuses and rewards. In Midas Xplore everyone wins as our platform deals with the four major needs of man which is Food, Health, Wealth and Leisure.

Midas Xplore Limited is fully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria to carry out legitimate businesses locally and globally. Our Vision is raise to over 1,000,000 multi-millionaires within the next 10 years  by creating programs that make starting a successful agro and online business easy, fast and rewarding. Our mandate is to raise successful Food producers, Entrepreneurs, multi-millionaires, billionaire, Healthy Trybe members globally through agribusiness, MX Wellness Hub, Coaching, E-commerce, online marketing and profitable affiliate programs. Our core objective is be pivotal in moving Nigeria and Africa’s economy from being import dependent and poverty center of the world to a continent of wealth and producers, with products and services that will compete globally in excellence, quality, and durability. We seek to build, develop, empower and create successful businesses through training, coaching, mentoring and global exposure of clients to global opportunities.

Our Objectives

·        Make agribusiness viable, attractive, less stressful and highly rewarding for farmers and stakeholders. 

·        Create a system that makes production of healthy and organic food produce feasible, rewarding and easy.

·        Build healthy, successful and happy & relaxed Trybe members through Midas We thrive project where everyone thrives

 ·      Train farmers and stakeholders on best agricultural practices.

·        Be pivotal in transiting Nigeria Economy from being a consuming nation to becoming a producing nation.

·        Provide and market quality hybrid seeds and seedlings to farmers and stakeholders

·        Build a world class farmers’ hub for farmers both for crop production and animal husbandry.

·        Assist Partners(Clients) create a sustainable 45-50 years’ retirement plan.

·        Raise multi-millionaires and billionaire through Midas business hub.


Our Vision

Become the most impactful and fastest growing Agricultural based company in Africa, create sustainable and profitable system that empowers millions in Africa.



Our Mission

Become the fastest-growing, most impactful and empowering organization in Africa that will raise the most successful farmers, producers, and entrepreneurs in Africa as we train, coach, empower and enlighten millions of Africans.


Our Core Value and Slogan

Slogan : Live your best life 

 Core Values: Honesty, Excellent Delivery, Profitability, Empowerment, Innovation & Customer Satisfaction

Worldwide Shipping

Our products and services can be accessed across the globe and products can be shipped globally.

Best Quality

We are quality driven and we go for the best only. Our seedlings are among the best in the industry

Best Offers

We offer best pricing while maintaining quality and profitability. We leverage on bulk order.

Secure Payments

Making payment is easy and secured. Orders can be paid via bank transfers & online gateways