Welcome to We Thrive Millionaire Hub! Your Dream Life is here

Mentorship-Grow Your Mind

This is a coaching hub for people that want to optimize the power of their minds, Digital and Affiliate marketing skills to achieve anything they want in life.

This hub is for people that wish to acquire the right skills needed to grow a successful offline and online business.

This Hub is for people that wish to achieve total mental and physical wellness

 We focus on the three important aspects of man- Mental, physical and financial wellness. Health and wealth start with the mind, so we take care of the mind to help participants achieve their dreamed life.

What MX Millionaire Hub Offers

Mind management training,  Daily Meditation sessions, Wellness coaching and  Business growth mentoring.

 MT Millionaire Hub is for anyone that wish to have a great life and achieve anything they wish for.

 Our Programs Schedule and Opportunities

          Daily mindset training, affirmations and meditation

          Weekly business training and coaching

          Monthly business clinic for personalized coaching

          Consulting, business branding and mentoring

        Up to 50% Affiliate earning opportunities 


How to Earn in Millionaire Hub

 Besides the unmatched value training, and coaching offered in Hub worth over N50k, we offer up to amazing affiliate commissions.

 Participants can earn as much as 50% affiliate commission for their first to third affiliate levels

Participate can create consistent residual income from this system on recurring 

Affiliate commission twice monthly every last Thursday and second Thursdays of the month

Participants earns 25% direct affiliate commission, 10% for both second and third affiliate levels.

Following our affiliate earning model and template, making N1m monthly become very easy

How to Join MT Millionaire Hub!

This hub is open to all adults hungry to make it in life.

Monthly participation fee is N10,000  for early birds.

(NOTE: Fee will increase to N50,000 in few days) So hurry to take advantage of this offer.

Make payment to Midas Xplore Limited, Access bank, 1459639078 or using the online payment.

Each month we offer different trainings and mentorship program geared towards a vibrant and highly successful community