Products and Services

Midas Xplore  Limited is a progressive  Agricultural  and Wellness Hub that involved in Organic Food Production and Campaign, animal husbandry, Export, Wellness Training, Supplement,  Business Training, Consulting and Coaching.  We have 4 main products and services in Midas Xplore Limited. 

1. Midas Agribusiness 

2. Midas Training and Coaching

3. We Thrive  Wellness 

4.   Affiliate Hub and Billionaire Tribe

Midas Agribusiness

Midas Xplore Limited is involved in different agribusiness value chains which covers Agribusiness Training, Consulting, Coaching, Sales of Cash Crops Seedlings, Home Farm Initiative, Agro-Food Export. 

Our team is made up of passionate and professional team members with decades experience in the industry. We partner with Farmers in Nigeria and Brazil to create a system that ensures sustainability and profitability. 

Our goal is assist 1,000,000 Nigeria get involved in highly profitable Agricultural ventures such as setting up of home farms, venturing into Agro- food export, and Farming.  

In the last 5 years we have trained over 1500 Nigerians that are interested in venturing into Agriculture. Our target is to train and empower 1,000,000 Africans in the next 10 years. 

Our love for wellness birthed our campaign for organic farming, home gardening and wellness remedies using foods and herbs. 

Midas Agro-food export focuses on dry foodstuffs, we service buyers all over the world. Our price is highly competitive and are our products are first class high quality food stuffs

Midas Training and Coaching

Midas Xplore is a training and mentoring based company. Over the last 10 years we have trained and empowered over 5000 Entrepreneurs both in agriculture and Business Development. With our online training program,  participants all over the world can participate for these trainings at their convenience. 

Midas Xplore online training houses our main flagship program called 





We also offer  fee weekly training on our WhatsApp and Telegram channels.  Chat us up on +234815588228 to join. 

We Thrive Wellness

Midas Xplore We thrive Community is aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle, wellness education and wellness products.  Our passion for people to stay healthy birthed our organic home farm projects and kits, wellness drinks and supplements, wellness education and enlightenment. 

We Intend launch our wellness drinks made from fruits and herbs.  This is for those that love to enjoy delicious drinks while maintaining a great health and enjoying an amazing Benefits. This replaces Frizzy  drinks to a healthy, Nutrient  dense  and affordable drinks. 

We have drinks such as:  1.  Immune Booster, 2. Stress Relieving and Sleep Enhancing Drinks . 3 Sugar Management Drinks.  4. Detox Drinks

We also partner with Companies such a TLC to provide great wellness Products to 

The Affiliate Program & Billionaire Tribe

We are all about creating opportunities for our clients to grow financially & explore viable businesses. 

The Billionaire Hub:   

This Tribe is specifically for raising billionaires, through our 5 years Retire a Billionaire Initiative where we work with Tribe members to actualize their dreams of retiring a billionaire. 

We leverage on 3 Industries: Agriculture, Wellness and The Financial Market.  Through various viable business program, participants are guided on their journey to retiring a billionaire. 

This is Bi-annual membership program of N250,000

Midas Affiliate and Distributorship Program

Our Affiliate and Sales Program offers our  distributors, clients and affiliates opportunity to partner with us and sell our products and get as much 20% to 30% earning commission to infinity. Here our distributors and affiliates can build a career and business leveraging on this opportunities.