Products and Services

Midas Xplore  Limited is a progressive Agricultural Hub that involved in crop production, animal husbandry, Export, Agricultural Produce sales and Distribution.  We make farming, buying of low carb flour, raising of funds, undertaking agricultural, business and leisure tours easy and rewarding.  We have 4 main products and services in Midas Xplore Limited. 

1. Midas Farms

2. We Thrive Project 

3. Midas Tours 

4. Training and Consulting

Midas Farms

Midas Xplore Farm Project is geared toward helping over 10,000 individuals start their agricultural venture this 2021 with ease.  Our vision is to be pivotal in taking food Production, Processing and Export  to the next  level in Africa. Our team is made up of passionate and professional team members with decades experience in the industry. 

We partner with Farmers in Nigeria and Brazil to create a system that ensures sustainability and profitability. Our goal is to build the biggest farmers’ hub is Africa that will offer training, coaching, funding and  farm input support services.  

In the last 5 years we have trained over 1500 Nigerians that are interested in venturing into Agriculture. Our target is to train and empower 1,000,000 Africans in the next 10 years. 

Midas Farm Project offers 3 Different Opportunities:     1.  Farming Setup and Management.         2.  Sales of Cash Crop Seedlings    3. Training and Consulting

Midas Online Courses

Midas Xplore is a training and mentoring based company. Over the last 10 years we have trained and empowered over 3000 Entrepreneurs both in agriculture and Business Development. With our online training program,  participants all over the world can participate for these trainings at their convenience. 

Midas Xplore online training houses our main flagship program called RETIRE A BILLIONAIRE COURSE- This is a practical training on 5 agribusiness value-chains for beginners with 10 years Retire a billionaire plan. at aN25,000 ($50) Price. 

Members also make massive through the affiliate program of Midas Online course of up to 20% both for direct and indirect affiliates.

We also offer free monthly training on our WhatsApp and Telegram channels.  Chat us up on +234815588228 to join.

MX We Thrive Community

Midas Xplore We thrive Community is aimed at promoting healthy eating, wealth creation and raising successful entrepreneurs that will thrive globally. Our vision is reduce sickness, Obesity, raise Multi-millionaires, Billionaires and create relaxing programs that will cause partners to blossom. We have created a rewarding affiliate and earning system that makes it easy for distributors, retailers, consumers and food lovers to earn passive or active income on the go. MX We Thrive Project is tailored to cater for different individuals and income categories. Here everyone is a winner. 

We have four different Packages in MX we Thrive Project. 

1. Smart Food Hub

2. MX Wellness Hub

Midas Business Tours

Midas Xplore Business Tours is geared towards giving clients and Trybe members the opportunity to relax and connect with health lovers and entrepreneurs that wish to have fun and also connect with others to build healthy business relationships. We also give clients, partners and trybe members the visibility and expose they need to compete globally.  Our monthly hangout sessions are one of important aspect of MX Wellness Trybe. 

Midas Xplore Limited is also the official tour company for the South Africa Chamber of Commerce, hence we work with business men all over 50 countries where the chamber has a presence, this is with aim to give clients and stakeholders the opportunity to explore the business opportunities in these countries, source for partnership, investors and investment opportunity.  Our Tours handles the followings:     

1. Monthly Tours and Hangouts              2. Trade Missions

3. Business Excursions                                 4. Farm Visits and hangouts