Products and Services

Midas Xplore is a progressive business hub with a mandate to raise successful entrepreneurs and multi-millionaires. Our Products and Services focuses of these 6 major products and services. 

1. Midas Farms

2. Midas Business Tours 

3. Midas Online Courses

4. Midas Stevia Campaign

5. Midas Business Hub

6. Midas Affiliate Programs


Midas Farms

Midas Xplore has Agribusiness as its main stay, with core experience on crop production, animal husbandry, produce sales and marketing. Our team is made up of passionate and professional team members with over a decade experience in the industry,  hence we are set to take agriculture to a greater level in Nigeria. 

We partner with Farmers in Nigeria and Brazil to create a system that ensures sustainability and profitability. Our goal is to build the biggest farmers’ hub is Africa that will offer training, coaching, funding and  farm input support services.  

Through our training and coaching services, we have trained over 1500 Nigerians that are interested in venturing into Agriculture. Our target is to train and empower over 100,000 Nigerians and Africans in the next 10 years. 

Our Services are: 

1. Crop Production and Animal Husbandry.                            2. Farm set up and management.

3. Sales and Marketing Seedlings and Farm Produce.          4. Farm land Lease and Purchases.

Midas Stevia Campaign

Midas Xplore is about healthy living, healthy lifestyle and healthy farm produce. We seek to use our Platform to promote good health and wealth. Stevia campaign is about introducing to families a best sweetener in the world that won’t put their health at risk. This project is called every family a stevia plant. With the numerous health benefits of Stevia, it is a must have for every plant. 

We have different plans for this project: 

1 The Family Plan              2. The distributor’s plan

3. Business Plan                 4. Affiliate Plan


Midas Xplore Affiliate Program

Midas Xplore offers one of the best plan for its affiliates. With as low as zero investment or a minimum affiliate registration of N10,000 or purchase of any of our products, interested participants can subscribe for Midas Affiliate program and earn massive income every week as people make purchases through their affiliate link. 

Midas Xplore also partner with companies with high selling products with great affiliate system to provide greater value and benefits for its affiliate members. 

All Midas different products and services ranging from Midas Farm, tours, online courses, Stevia campaign and Business hub have mind-blowing affiliate commission. These creates a multiple streams of income for members

Midas Online Courses

Midas Xplore is a training and mentoring based company. Over the last 10 years we have trained and empowered over 3000 entrepreneurs. With our online training program,  participants all over the world can participate for these trainings at their convenience. 

Midas Xplore online training houses our main flagship program called RETIRE A BILLIONAIRE COURSE- This is a practical training on 5 agribusiness value-chains for beginners with 10 years Retire a billionaire plan. 

Midas Xplore Course also offers training on Digital marketing and business branding for those that wants to build and grow a thriving online businesses.  

Members also make massive through the affiliate program of Midas Online course of upto 40% both for direct and indirect affiliate. 

Midas Business Hub

This is Midas Special Business Plan for those that wishes to build a sustainable and successful online business. Here we assist clients to achieve their dreams of earning consistent massive online. This is a monthly subscription program where we assist to handle their Midas online business, right for website creation to creation of advert content and ads. 

With a N150,000 fee and N100,000 monthly subscription.  Participant is set to build a successful online business and receive mind-blowing weekly alert as much N250,000 to N1,000,000 every month. 

Members can also earn mind-blowing total affiliate commission of 25% for direct and indirect affiliates thereby have a sustainable system of earning every month.

Midas Business Tours

Midas Xplore Business Tours is geared towards giving entrepreneurs the visibility and expose they need to compete globally. Midas Xplore is the officiaal tour company for the South Africa Chamber of Commerce, hence we work with business men all over 50 countries where the chamber has a presence, this is with aim to give clients and stakeholders the opportunity to explore the business opportunities in these countries, source for partnership, investors and investment opportunity. 

Midas Xplore Tours handles the followings: 

1. Business Tours                2. Trade Missions

3. Business Excursions     4. Farm Visits and hangouts