We Create Health, Wealth and Relaxation

MX We Thrive Project

 We thrive Project is aimed at promoting healthy eating, health-friendly products, healthy lifestyle, wealth creation, and raising successful entrepreneurs that will thrive globally.

 Our main focus is to reduce sickness, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, build a healthy community, raise multi-millionaires, billionaires and create a relaxing program that will cause partners to blossom.

 We have created a very rewarding affiliate and earning system that makes it easy for community members, distributors, retailers, consumers, and food lovers to earn passive income as passive or active income streams.

MX We Thrive Project is tailored to cater to different individual and income categories. Here everyone is a winner. 

 We have 2 different Programs in MX we Thrive Project. 

  1. Smart Food Hub
  2. MX Wellness Hub


The Smart Food Hub is the Food processing arm of Midas Xplore where we promote low carb healthy and organic flours such as:

 Coconut Flour, Cabbage, Eggplant Flour, Butternut Squash Flour, healthy Fats, Drinks and Teas. Clients can order for these food items and enjoy pure organic food produce as most these food items are farmed and produced by Midas Farms. 

The Smart Food hub also offers clients the opportunity to earn massively as Distributors, Retailers and Consumers.  This is why it is one of the best choice for smart entrepreneurs and food lovers. 

We have amazing opportunities that ensure clients get great products, double of their orders, mind-blowing financial returns, cash backs and financial growth for be part of this food hub.  We have two of such offers under Midas pre-order plans:

1.  3months Pre-order Package : Get double of orders made for 3 month pre-order.  

2. 6 months Pre-order Plan (MX 3x Plan): Get 3times of your order or 30% cash back for 6 months pre-order

For People that wish to Build a thriving business, this is an easy way to start successful and profitable and also to save cost for consumers. 

MX Wellness Community

MX Wellness community is a healthy living, Fun-filled, and Wealth Creation Community where we TALK, BREATHE AND EXPRESS great health and Wealth with ease while having fun. 

 This is a monthly membership community with loads of benefits and fun such as healthy low-carb flours, weekly food recipes & plan, weekly workout and yoga sessions, and monthly members’ hangouts, networking, and relaxation.

This community addresses the most important needs of man – Food, Health, Wealth, and Relaxation. 

1. VIP Wellness Package: This is for people who want to live healthy, make money and have fun. The registration fee is N50,000 Plus N10,000  for those who wish to join the monthly handout and connecting. This package offers mind-blowing benefits. Monthly subscription fee is N15000 ($30). 

Benefits of the VIP Wellness Package are:

         Get Midas Retire a billionaire Online Course valued at N50,000 ($100) or 3 management flours

          Access to Midas Online weekend Yoga Classes

         Access to Midas weekend Online group work out sessions

         Get a weekly food plan to build great body shape, lose or maintain body weight.

         Access to Midas detox products or trainings

         Get trained in Midas digital marketing training

         Enjoy Midas Quarterly food shows and food testing

         Enjoy Midas monthly hangouts at a discounted fee.

         Enjoy about 30% on affiliate commissions for both direct and indirect affiliates to earn as much as N300, 000 to N500,000 monthly with ease. 

         Get Paid affiliate commission monthly and also enjoy other health products for personal use and also to earn from affiliates.


 2. VIP2 Wellness Business Package: This Package is for People who wish to build a sustainable business through Midas Business community by maximizing digital marketing. 

Everything in the VIP package is here plus the following:

  • Business development and digital marketing training,
  • Social media account management assistance,
  • blood sugar, and blood pressure monitor machine or stem cell therapy products,
  • coaching to assist community members to build an annual income of N5,000,000 – N10,000,000. 
  • Access to Midas Food hub to get 2 live cows at the end of 12months. Here nothing is lost, it’s all gains.  We work with community members to promote MX Wellness Packages, MX Smart food hub, affiliates wellness products, and others to increase earning potential and achieve financial freedom.  

Registration is N200,000  ($400) and a monthly Subscription of N75,000 ($125).  Members get 2 live Cows worth as much as N1,000,000 at the end of 12months which is a membership Bonus for VIP members. 

  1. VIP3 Wellness Business Package: This is for people that want to enjoy great health, building a business, being part of Midas food hub in order earns as much as N10,000,000 -N20,000, 000 within 12 months.

 This is a combination of VIP1 and double VIP2 benefits  plus added benefits that enhance more earning such as access to the $30k Challenge, social media account management and business development.

 Members also get as much as 5 live cows from the food hub after 12month worth as much as N1,500,000 which serves as additional income for VIP3 members with complete and N60,000 quarterly foodstuffs. 

 This package sets community members up for business success.

 Registration is N500,000 ($1000) and while monthly subscription is N175,000 ($325). Here is all about winning.

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